Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Psychedelic 002 - Psy Trance Mix from Libra9

This is my second instalment of my new podcast. 001 had about 200 listens across the globe across different websites! Lets make this even better! Remember to subscribe - more mixes coming your way..... Until next time, enjoy 002....


01 - 00:00.... Sonic Entity - 12 Entities
02 - 08:33.... Daniel Lesden - Ignition (Maitika Remix)
03 - 13:39.... Shivatree - Crystalight
04 - 18:38.... Ital - Sacred Cycles
05 - 22:33.... Triceradrops - Ronald Raygun (Original Mix)
06 - 28:20.... Hypnoise - Namaskaratha
07 - 32:59.... Microlin - Land of the Living
08 - 37:16.... Spinal Fusion - SuperNova
09 - 42:19.... Talpa - Planet
10 - 46:01.... Pribe - City Jungle
11 - 50:39.... Deliriant - Anti God (Remix)


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