Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Psychedelic 004 - Psy Trance Mix from Libra9


Hi again! number 004 is here! Thoroughly enjoyed mixing this, will be playing a few of these at my upcoming gig at Psyrhythmix, Club 414, Brixton. 

Will be a couple of weeks or so until no 5 as I'm on holiday! until then, have a good couple of weeks!

Don't forget to subscribe in iTunes 

Phil....  :D

01 - 00:00.... Pop Art - Keep the Distance
02 - 06:15.... Yahel - Liquid Love (Punch! Remix)
03 - 11:49.... Kronfeld - Gedankenspione (2016 Edit)
04 - 14:39.... Mystical Complex - Fall Forward
05 - 18:46.... Abraxas - Funkadelia
06 - 24:17.... Brain Hunters - Hard Candy (Original Mix)
07 - 30:08.... No Comment - Zurna (Originals Remix)
08 - 35:24.... Mothership Loudspeakerz - Cool Unicorns Cook Ketamine
09 - 41:02.... Astral Terror - Ayahuasca Dark Trip (Jhon Rodha Remix)
10 - 45:33.... Timecode - Wild East (Original Mix)
11 - 50:08.... Timecode - Culturistica (Original Mix)
12 - 53:45.... Loud - Beautiful Day (GMS Remix)
13 - 57:28.... Imaginarium - Nataraja (Original Mix)


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